IRMS provides thorough and insightful Risk and Management Solutions, fostering partnerships with our clients in a proactive manner. We provide fully accessible, affordable solutions which result in tangible, positive transformation in our clients’ organisational culture. As our client, you will benefit from a structured examination of your strategies, governance systems and corporate appetite.

We offer inspirational training and specialised assistance in embedding effective management control measures into existing operations right across the client company. This ensures a consistent approach to risk based performance across the business units. 

"A strong risk culture starts at the top, with the CEO and senior management role-modeling the importance of risk management by asking probing questions about the risk-return of investment decisions in all committees and forums"

McKinsey Working Papers on Risk, Number 17

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The play Moremi is named after the heroine of the story; an exceptional lady who became queen of Ile-Ife, West Africa.

This is a story which predates the pre-colonial era. Her once-proud people had been repeatedly raided and humiliated by the neighbouring Ugbo community as punishment for some transgression. The Ugbo invaders were so fearsome and successful that they were considered demi-gods by the humbled people of Ile-Ife.

This unique course gives delegates a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between strategic planning, risk management and reward management. Delegates will be taken back to the ancient West African city of Ile-Ife, where they will have the opportunity to learn how to make highly effective decisions.

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Posted on Apr 25, 2016 in General

 It is now official that the British public will be given one of the most difficult responsibilities any nation has to face; decision making. In my view, a decision is the end product or an outcome reached after careful consideration of options available in an uncertain situation. There is an assumption that the decision maker will be looking for the best option that will favour his or her set objectives or goal.

For the British public, what are the key considerations and what questions do these raise - as we prepare to vote on this critical issue with significant implications for the future of this country?

ERM Solutions

We have helped many organisations to define their vision for managing risk and developed strategies to help deliver these objectives.

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Risk Management Training

Every organisation requires a dedicated programme of robust training and development in order to meet its strategic goals and ensure its human resources are fit and proper.

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Solvency II

SOLVENCY II - Is an integrated, comprehensive and risk-based framework and solvency regime to assess, measure & risk-weight the assets and liabilities of insurers...

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